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Compete Strength & Conditioning

at the

Canton Ice House

Canton Ice House is pleased to partner with Compete Strength and Conditioning for the finest “off-ice” training available. Our 3,000 Square Foot gym located in the back of the “Red” Rink contains all the equipment you’ll need to supplement your “on-ice” development. Joe Drain and his team will create the best program available to help you achieve your goals.

Building athletes from the inside out.

We recognize that each athlete has their own unique potential. We train the individual athlete to reach this potential based on their injury history, training experience, physical ability, learning styles, and dietary goals. Individual nutrition programming and ideal athlete: coach ratios have become a staple of the COMPETE-way. We combine this approach with scientifically proven training and nutrition programs and as a result, our athlete development systems have become extremely efficient and highly rewarding.


Why COMPETE Strength & Conditioning?

  • 1 1 5:1 Athlete to Coach ratio. This allows us to train athletes as individuals. We can cater or modify training programs for the athlete’s individual needs.
  • 2 2 Injury reduction is priority 1. We can’t prevent injury in sports but we do strive to drastically reduce its occurrence. It doesn’t matter how big, fast, or strong you are…if you are hurt, you are on the bench.
  • 3 3 Our individual nutrition programs are proven. No matter what your goals are, we will design a nutrition program catered specifically for your needs.
  • 4 Speed & Agility Program. We teach every athlete proper FORM while developing their POWER. A perfect formula for any athlete looking to increase speed and overall athleticism in his or her sport.

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